Transport Management System (TMS)

Our supply chain and management supporting software, backed by our industry expertise underpin both our world-class operational effectiveness in direct service delivery and ensure we build tailored logistics and transport solutions that meet your evolving budget needs. Modular solutions cover all aspects of your T&L.

Sdrops’s online transport management software capabilities include:

  • contract management for freight forwarder and broker effectiveness
  • international transportation management purchasing
  • local, national, regional and international trade regulation compliance
  • optimised, flexible route planning, tailored to your budget and schedules
  • easy to use planning features for timely delivery schedules and custom fleet management
  • comprehensive and bespoke freight forwarding and broker solutions
  • tailored solutions with flexible options for less than full load (LTL) or multiple shipping containers for all sized business needs
  • trading partner communications connectivity: smoother financial reporting, contract management, supply chain communications integration
  • much more… Please talk to sdrops consultants about how our efficiency making online TMS system can benefit your company

For competitive rates, with internationally integrated customs and logistics solutions, we can help you to compete on the global stage. Your cargo and costs are in safe hands. Contact sdrops for a great transportation and logistics system and world class logistics efficiency.

Main features of Our Transport Management System (TMS)

Modular System

Flexible and Configurable Modular System. Expand or restrict modular access flexibly as required to manage budgets and access systems only when you need them. Configure according to circumstances for tailored business relationship management.

Full Automation

Automated Freight and Broker Services Reduce Costs. Freight forwarders, broker agencies and industry operatives can profit from our process automation Transport Management software and pass cost savings onto clients.

Real-Time Tracking

Track Whenever You Need. Real time vehicle tracking system for transportation fleets and container shipping mean you can answer customer enquiries within seconds. Change routes, reschedule and manage more flexibly for better customer satisfaction.

Instant Communication

Flexibility Through Instant Communications. Our cloud based transport management system software gives you the ability to intervene at a moment’s notice, to redirect and reschedule, based on real-time comprehensive logistics reporting.

Freight Forwarder and Broker Enterprise TMS Solutions

Sdrops’s comprehensive, competitive timely and online transport management systems offering, supported by associated brokering and delivery support services give transport and logistics companies who partner with us the edge over their competitors. Harness the power of our industry leading technological systems to improve your performance.

We understand that your essential transport documentation, customs filing and declaration processes need conscientious, speedy and compliant execution.

Our all-encompassing TMS software, together with our established network of clients in the transport and logistics industry have all your T&L requirements covered. We understand import and export brokers, international freight forwarders and their supply chains need to continually improve their service offerings and standards in order to better serve growing customer bases. With Sdrops’s integrated transport management system, we help you conform to industry best practice.

Our TMS software help you reduce your costs, time and risks with customs and regulatory non-compliance, without compromise on standards.

Enhanced Productivity

Move More For Less. Enhanced productivity and ability to move more freight with fewer resources means enhanced profitability and sustainable longevity for your business. Build loyalty with your customers by passing on cost savings achieved with automation of your processes.

Clear Collaboration

Collaborate More Clearly To Compete. Faster and more effective multi-party collaboration can be established across teams within your company and in supply chains. Smooth communications and transactions with: Forwarders, Agents, Shippers, Suppliers, Accountancy and Business Services partners

Clear Collaboration

Collaborate More Clearly To Compete. Faster and more effective multi-party collaboration can be established across teams within your company and in supply chains. Smooth communications and transactions with: Forwarders, Agents, Shippers, Suppliers, Accountancy and Business Services partners

Data Security

Secure Data Storage, Sharing and Transfer. Data stored and shared immediately from the cloud allows for efficient and effective communications and shipments, among multiple JV partners who can be confident their business intelligence is kept confidential and information sharing is always safe.

Secure Documentation

Support for electronic document management and secure sharing of contract and shipment files is available with Sdrops’s TMS software. Rely on safe storage and data transfer that remains compliant across jurisdictions.

Data Improves Day to Day Visibility

Expect system support for complex data entries, information sharing and meaningful reporting. Helping you increase control of daily operations is what Sdrops excel at. Whatever your business profile, reach, range of objectives or complex networks and supply chains, rely on software that keeps track of changes moment to moment, day to day, wherever you operate, so you know where to make adjustments as needed, even as shipments are on the move.

Full System Control

Extensive, flexible features and functionality that enhance your teams’ expertise in freight forwarder and brokerage operations. Ask Sdrops’s expert team about standard and customised solutions available. Modular access can be tailored to your budget and changing business networks.

Accurate Financial Audit

Flexibly format financial analytics for fiscal reporting and integration with accounting software packages as needed. Never worry about audit preparation again. TMS systems reporting makes administration and management financial reporting faster and easier. Ask Sdrops about compatible options for communications with your accountants.

Compliance Cost Savings

Storage and processing of numerous customs and participating government agencies’ (PGA’s) forms and reports means templates can be easily automatically configured for your particular business documentation requirements, wherever your teams operate. Facilitated compliance with fiscal, legal and security requirements saves money and stress and excludes the risk of human error.